K-9 9-K

04/16/2022 12:00 PM - 05/16/2022 12:00 PM ET


The WRC is thrilled to present the third event of the 2022 season!


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"Suggest you engage 'running mode', mistress."

The third event of the 2022 WRC season is open:

K-9 9-K

Your $27 covers: this stellar three-inch medal featuring the greatest supercomputer companion ever to be invented by Professor Marius; a sublimated medal ribbon; a digital bib; domestic shipping; and your donation to charity.

"Correction, madam. As I have already told you, I am not made of tin. I cannot accept the input of incorrect data."

Don't forget the K-9 9-K event shirt, available only through May 16 in multiple fabrics and styles from tees, to tanks, to hoodies! (These shirts will not be available during the year-end Timey Wimey event, so get your orders in early!)

Remember this is a 'virtual' event, so you can complete your nine kilometer distance however, wherever and whenever you want! How? You can run, walk, run, roll, row, skip, or stroll. Where? Do it in your neighborhood, on the TARDIS treadmill, or on your favorite trail. When? Maybe a Tuesday night, a Friday morning, or a Sunday afternoon. It's all up to you!

For some extra fun, the optional 'run day' for the event is Saturday, May 14: Walk Your Robot Dog Day! If you want to (virtually) join hundreds of others across Planet Earth in completing some distance on that day, you'll be in some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey company.

Registration closes May 16 and medals ship out the following week on the honor system, so you don't have to use any special apps to track or report to us. Just go be brilliant!

Customizable bibs can be downloaded from our website for this event.

To be a part of the Whovian community,  join our group in the WRC TARDIS. For more information on how our events work and how we #LaughHardRunFastBeKind through Fanthropy™, visit our website.

Cardiovascular effort required...all data indicates a need to register!