Timey Wimey 2022

06/04/2022 12:00 PM - 08/08/2022 12:00 PM ET


WRC is with you until the end of time.


We're all stories...in the end.

WRC is humbled to present the closing event of the 2022 season:

∙  U N T I L   T H E   E N D   O F   T I M E  ∙

This final time-traveling experience is your opportunity to claim any WRC event medals for the year...as well as the awe-inspiring 2022 challenge medal!

Each medal's $27 covers: the uniquely designed medal itself; a sublimated medal ribbon; a digital bib; domestic shipping; and your donation to charity.

This means that you can now register for any of the 2022 medals:

  • Roar Your Light 5k
  • Nearly Full 9k
  • K-9 9-K
  • Winter 5 Quay (never before offered!)
  • The Eleven K (never before offered!)




And now introducing the Run to Open Challenge event, a gorgeous 4" medal featuring our loving take on the famous "Pull to Open" message that has adorned that incredible blue box for 60 years.

The distance is the challenge: 39 kilometers; the total of all the 2022 event distances. Since this is a virtual fitness event, you're fully encouraged and expected to break up the challenge distance into multiple sessions.

If you register for all SIX of the above 2022 medals (over the course of this year, during Timey Wimey, or a combination of both), you automatically become a TARDIS Keyholder for 2022 and receive an exclusive keychain for FREE.

It will be shipped along with the Timey Wimey medals.

All registrations will include free digital runner’s bibs for any event(s) you choose, which you can download and personalize to your heart's content. 

⚠️ IMPORTANT: A finite number of medals continue to be available to order through August 8, but availability of any medal CANNOT be guaranteed to that closing date. We encourage everyone to order QUICKLY, and avoid any sold-out status.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing seven-year journey through time and space. You are what makes this a happier, kinder planet to live on.

Whovian Running Club is a Fanthropy™ (fandom philanthropy) running club program. You can learn all about our spotlight charity partner online. Fanthropy Running Clubs are programs of Random Tuesday, Inc., a federally registered 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization. The full amount of your tax-deductible donation will be reflected in your confirmation email.